Administrator Role cannot see Resource Library, Management or Setup sections.

Discussion in 'Performance Questions' started by figjam, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. figjam

    figjam New Member

    Users that I have assigned to the inbuilt "Administrator" role can only see the "Infrastructure" and "Logical View" sections in the sidebar on the left. The "Resource Library", "Management" and "Setup" sections are not shown, despite the fact that every available privilege/permission is selected via "Full Control". The "Security" tab is also missing from "Infrastructure" for Administrators.

    The only way I can access the "Resource Library", "Management" and "Setup" sections is to login as the root user of the server. Has anyone else set up Roles/Permissions and are you seeing the same behaviour?

    Any input gratefully accepted.


  2. Pavel Ivlev

    Pavel Ivlev New Member

    Did you set up Global Permission for these new users? Try to update your PVA installation to the latest version 4.6-1777
  3. LicensingD

    LicensingD New Member


    Hi Pavel,

    Global permissions were configured but I was running version 4.6-1510 on a linux physical server. Upgrading to 4.6-1777 as you suggested has fixed the problem. Cheers!

    While I was researching how to upgrade I found that this link points to the PVA 4.5 document not PVA 4.6. Could you pass this on?



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