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    for GNU-Linux version(s).

    It seems that 99.9999996% of developers don't pay attention to how drastically different each GNU-Linux distribution can be from any other.
    The list of supported distros tells me that the Parallels developers made the same error.

    The ONLY truly effective way to develop for GNU-Linux is to do all work on a minimal system, such as what you get when following the book. With only the truly REQUIRED software installed, you can have a far easier time with the application on all distros.

    Taking two weeks and making yourselves a fully LSB compliant system with no distro-centric customizations and saving yourself months of man hours later on when you reach the public beta testing stage seems like such an OBVIOUS step to take to save development expenses.

    ~wandering off to the downloads to see how badly the beta functions on my non supported distro.~
    [ since I always test on a "from scratch" system with minimal bloated garbage*. ]

    * bloated garbage refers explicitly to both GNOME and KDE

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