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  1. placain

    placain New Member

    What is the "apache restart interval" referred to in Server > Server preferences?

    I had been under the impression that Plesk is supposed to restart apache periodically, according to the number of seconds entered in this field, but that doesn't seem to be the case, at least under 7.5.2. I've looked at this on four different installs of Plesk, all with the interval set to 900, and on all of them httpd has been running for hours, days, or weeks without a restart (both according to 'ps' and to the mod_status-generated server-status page).

    So what's it actually for? Or is this feature just broken?
  2. Cranky

    Cranky New Member

    This is the minimum interval that Plesk will restart http daemon. If a new subdomain is added, for example, it will not work until apache is next restarted - which will occur a maximum of once per whatever is set in this. This prevents crashes if two users add a subdomain at the same time, or apache restarts too frequently.
  3. placain

    placain New Member

    But then shouldn't it be the case that if I add a domain, apache should restart within that amount of time?

    If I add a domain, and wait an hour, apache still won't have restarted. I always have to restart apache by hand to make changes take effect.
  4. StephanK

    StephanK New Member

    Same issue here.. Plesk does not restart Apache after a new domain got added, regardless of what the restart intervall is set to. In order to get a freshly added domain to work, i need to restart apache manually first...

    Is this as it should be or is there something wrong?
    (Using Plesk 7.5.2 on Suse 9.1)
  5. webrebel

    webrebel New Member

    Worse yet, try to set an automatic backup and login in the morning and the domain has not restarted.....

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