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  1. earthskater

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    HI ALL,

    Question about billing manager and using the gateway.

    I notice under the customer > contact > billing account that there is no field to enter the CVV2.

    Does this mean we should disable CVV2 checking in settings for transactions to go through plesk billing manager properly.

    If that's the case, I guess plesk is only using the AIM method of currently.
  2. EugeneL

    EugeneL Parallels Developers


    It's illegal to store CVV2 code and that is why you do not see the field in billing account to enter it.
    CBM asks CVV2 code in online store and in administrator/client panel just before charging credit card so you do not need to disable CVV2 code checking.
  3. earthskater

    earthskater New Member

    In CBM > customers > click customer > take customer payment > with the CVV2 is never requested during this "Take Customer Payment" process and the payment fails with CVV2 required error from

    This appears to be some missing functionality or a bug in plesk 10.4.4.x
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  4. EugeneL

    EugeneL Parallels Developers

    Field for entering CVV2 code should appear in the following cases:
    1. In online store when customer makes an order
    2. In client control panel when customer attempts to pay invoice with new or existing credit card
    3. In admin control panel when admin attempts to pay invoice with credit card - Invoices > some invoices > Take Credit Card Payment.
    In all these cases CVV2 code will be submitted to Authorize.NET

    CVV2 code won't be collected and submitted to Auth.NET in the following cases:
    1. When admin attempts to take customer payment - Customers > some customer > Take Customer Payment
    2. When automation works - CBM automatically attempts to pay invoice with credit card at due date
    In all these case CVV2 code won't be submitted to Auth.NET

    So you probably have the options:
    1. To enable security check on Auth.NET side and in this case you will need to disable automatic payments in All Settings > Automatic payments (uncheck "Process new invocies", "Process declined transactions", "Process errored transactions" and save)
    2. To not decline transactions without CVV on Auth.NET side and in this case automation will work.

    I think that the best choice will be to enable passing CVV code to card issuer for check on Auth.NET side, but disable declining of transaction in case when CVV code is not presented.
    This will mean that if customer supplied CVV code in CBM, CBM will send it to Auth.NET, it will forward it to bank and bank will check. If code matches transactiosn will be approved, if it doesn't match then ransaction will be declined. If CBM performs automated recurring billing then CVV2 won't be sent, ank will return "Not processed" and ransactions will be approved by Auth.NET.
  5. earthskater

    earthskater New Member

    Than you very much Eugene.

    I understand, On the Card Code Verification section, only "Does NOT Match (N)" should be checked.

    I am looking forward to see the ARB and CIM integrated with Plesk soon.
  6. earthskater

    earthskater New Member


    Also, I found this out which solved our issue:

    * For auto CBM transactions to work, in Settings > payment form and Virtual Terminal field settings (make sure card code required is not checked)
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  7. mildredo

    mildredo New Member

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