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    Since you all already know. Awstats are avaible on Plesk now. I changed one domain on the plesk config from Webalizer to Awstats to see it there are nicer.

    To my surprise the first i notice is that images bar don't appear.

    If you see the source link is wrong its

    Then i was thinking, wow this stats doesnt look sooo much nicer then Webalizer, why the hell did so many people requested this so many times on plesk?
    Well it was weard so i went to the demo of webalizer.

    wow, thats not my stats definitely. the demo you see all kinds of data and grafics. My awstats on plesk just seem a resume of that, First i dont have the left page with all those options, they are on the top and they are not even the half of what appears on the demo, i really have more details with webalizer, that of course is because my awstats doesnt look like the ones on the demo at all. Im really confused now.:confused:

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