1. AneilS

    AneilS New Member

    When I go to "Websites & Domains > More" I get a blank/white screen.

    In the log I get this.
    2012-04-07T17:31:31-04:00 ERR (3): Unable to load object of type Domain with id=1: Unable to update domain data: MySQL query failed: Unknown column 'syncRecords' in 'field list'
    2012-04-07T17:31:58-04:00 ERR (3): MySQL query failed: Unknown column 'syncRecords' in 'field list'
  2. minosj

    minosj New Member


    Did you upgraded your plesk version from your end. As per error column 'syncRecords' is missing in the dns_zone table of psa database.

    did you tried to create this field in psa database ?

    If you have upgraded the Plesk did you tried the this kb link " http://kb.parallels.com/en/9330"

    Thank you
  3. marco.saiu

    marco.saiu New Member

    Solve your Blank / White page

    Hello Man,

    for solve Domains Blank page issue you can use this KB:


    for connect in your mysql by ssh you can use this comand:

    mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow`

    for choose psa database use this comand:

    use psa

    and replicate information in this kb...

    You need solve domains problem in database and this page work currectly...
  4. AneilS

    AneilS New Member

    thanks for your reply.

    I am not getting the same results as you showed, I am getting the following.

    mysql> use psa
    Reading table information for completion of table and column names
    You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A

    Database changed
    mysql> select d.name, d.htype, f.redirect from domains d, forwarding f where d.id=f.dom_id and f.redirect not like 'http://%';
    Empty set (0.00 sec)

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