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    Hello, I am using PSFM v4 on an Xserve. We have a 6-port PCI NIC installed, and have created a bonded interface (bond0) using eth0 plus the 6 added NIC ports. In the Management console I am unable to assign the bond to bridged networking on Parallels server. That is, the bond (as well as en0 through en5) shows up as an available option, but I can only attach the server's bridged network adapter to en0 or en1 (built-in).

    I saw an earlier, similar forum post in regards to using bonded network adapters on Parallels Server for Mac, bare-metal - with a workaround of manually editing each VM's configuration to point to the existing bond. Does the same apply in this case as well? Or is there another way to make use of a bonded interface in Parallels Server for Mac? Will a future update address this?

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    I would like an answer to this as well as I am using bonded ethernet but am unable to apply the bond to parallels server for mac 4 as it will just revert me straight back to en0. I am not using bare metal and I tried the fix in other post but it didn't work.
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    Two Ethernet networks can be joined across an IP link by bridging the networks to an server for making connection between two networks.A bridge device filters data traffic at a network boundary.Bridges reduce the amount of traffic on a LAN by dividing it into two segments.

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