Creating a virtual machine and hdd from a real Mac

Discussion in 'Parallels Server 3.0 Public Beta' started by jonesy17, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. jonesy17

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    The "Getting Started" documentation that comes with Parallels Server states that it supports Mac OS guest operating systems, but that "Mac OS guest operating systems can be installed in virtual machines created on Mac OS host computers only." Sweet, just what I need.

    So I've installed Parallels Server Beta on an iMac and can successfully connect to it using the Management Console. But the issue I'm having is with Parallels Server Transporter.

    I have a second iMac that was previously configured with applications and preferences that I would like to try and test within Parallels Server, but Transporter will not recognize that second iMac, either over the network or over firewire. The source iMac is running 10.4.9 Tiger. (I've also tried running Transporter from my MacBook Pro, which is running 10.5.2 Leopard with the same results.) The documentation talks about an "agent" that needs to be running on the source machine, but it also seems to indicate that the "agent" is only for Windows PCs.

    How do I get Transporter to correctly transform a real iMac HDD to a virtual HDD for use in Parallels Server? Alternately, is there a way to take a .dmg file (I have an image of the iMac install) and convert that to a bootable virtual HDD for use in Parallels Server?

    If I have to create a new virtual machine and HDD in Parallels Server and reinstall and reconfigure the OS and all applications all over again from scratch... well I won't be a very happy person.
  2. rob356

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    For one thing, this version of the beta does not yet support Mac OS guests. And anyway, it was made to host Mac OS X SERVER only as a guest. Hosting just plain old Mac OS X is in violation of the EULA, and is therefore illegal.
  3. Archy

    Archy Parallels Team


    Transporter Agent for Mac is not available yet.

    Mac OS guest will be available very soon, our developers work closely with Apple to improve it's performance ad stability.

    Please wait a little for the version where Mac OS guest will be supported.
  4. jonesy17

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    Mac OS Client is supported

    rob356, page 9 of "Getting Started With Parallels Server" clearly states that Mac OS Tiger and Mac OS Leopard are both supported as guest OS's.

    Archy, if the release notes that came with the current beta had explained that Mac Transporter is not yet functioning that would have saved me some headache and time. Instead the Release Notes PDF simply says "This is Parallels Desktop Release Notes model." Very informative, thank you very much.

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