Creating subdomains into plesk 10.2

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I want to create subdomains like Plesk 9.5 into Plesk 10

  1. Yes, i want ot keep the old subdomain structure of Plesk 9.5

  2. No, the new way looks better in Plesk 10

  3. Please Parallels, make a general preference into Plesk 10 for my subdomains

  4. nevermind, no poll for me

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  1. Sergey L

    Sergey L Parallels Team

    Previous version works well, but new version is better. If you can show me where documentation for previous version suggests "subdomains/myname" as a docroot for subdomain, we will correct this mistake.
  2. MicheleM

    MicheleM New Member

    Sorry it was one of the Parallels forum moderators who described how to create a subdomain and I've just gone back and looked at it and it is referring to how it will be able to be done in 10.4.

    However this still doesn't solve my problem, I need to create a subdomain that has all the files and folders including the httpdocs folder in it and I would expect it to be in the subdomains folder inside my default domain. Shouldn't this be correct?

    Instead when I create the subdomain it sits in the root of my default domain and it has the following files and folders;
    Folders - css, img, test
    Files - favicon.ico, index.html
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  3. thamnuyenit26

    thamnuyenit26 New Member

    How can who help me ?
    I trying add new subdomain on plesk, but I gived error :
    Can not create subdomain: SubDomain::update() failed: Incorrect DNS record values were specified.
    help me now :((
    Try goole search, but no result :((
  4. Sergey L

    Sergey L Parallels Team

    I would recommend you posting here full version of your Plesk and your OS. Without this information it would be impossible to assist.

  5. thamnuyenit26

    thamnuyenit26 New Member

    thanks for your reply.
    My plesk have version 10.3. And I can trying any more times to add subdoamin , but I can't , and I gave error that. Please help me !

    best regards!
  6. Johnny V

    Johnny V New Member

    Plesk 10.4.4 even more confused

    Just upgrade from 10.3 to 10.4.4 and now it seems like when you create a subdomain Plesk ads a directory in /var/www/vhosts/SUBDOMAIN and another one in /var/www/vhosts/DOMAIN/SUBDOMAIN

    Is there a way to have it just create a single directory somewhere within the TLD? Just seems silly to have all these directories scattered throughout.
  7. Sergey L

    Sergey L Parallels Team

    Actually you could find even more folders for domain and subdomain in the system. i.e. there may be a folder with mail settings, etc. It is 100% the same for domains and subdomains. They all are configured by Plesk automatically and normally don't require your attention.

    They are out of folder with user content (/var/www/vhosts/DOMAIN/<whatever name you like>) to
    1) don't confuse people with multiple system files they don't need
    2) prevent system files be incidentally removed/corrupted

    Keeping system files in /var/www/vhosts/SUBDOMAIN also
    1) makes it easy to get a list of all vhosts in the system (ls /var/www/vhosts/)
    2) makes it easy to develop scripts for any custom work over Plesk vhost settings. Whatever setting of a vhost you need it is in /var/www/vhosts/<vhostname>/...
    3) keeps settings of all vhosts stored and processed the same way -> more stable and reliable

    And what would be your problem of having another directory for settings?

  8. paulieG

    paulieG New Member

    Doubtless I'll find a reason not to later, but I like it!

    The only reason to have any subdomain functionality within Plesk is because of limits to the amount of domains you can have on a licence, I always recommend to clients that they configure their subdomains as fully fledged domains within Plesk unless they are nearing their domain limits. Everything is cleaner and more flexible that way.

    Now if you could do the same with domain aliases that'd be splendid!

  9. Johnny V

    Johnny V New Member

    @Sergey L Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Without editing the config files, is there a way to store the httpdocs within the /vhosts/SUBDOMAIN directory? I understand what you're saying about being easier to see all your vhosts, but I still don't like that the site files are stored separate. I would prefer the subdomain's file structure to be similar to a TLD.

    Is there a way to do this?
  10. EdwardDekker

    EdwardDekker New Member

    Migration-tool old subdomains to new structure

    We have a lot of users that upgrading to newer versions of Plesk. For them all it is very confusing for all new sub-domain structures.

    I have a suggestion to create a migration-tool that update the old Plesk sub-domains, DNS & vHosts settings.
    Maybe could we also create into the domain.tld folder a symbolic-link for FTP clients.

    Symbolic link for FTP:
    Root directory of all sub-domains:
    /var/www/vhosts/domain.tld/subdomains/mysubdomain into /var/www/vhosts/sub.domain.tld/
    This advantage is good for the administrator and good too for the user who owns the website, just what Sergey tells.
    Hopeful does someone agreed with my proposal.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2011
  11. HostasaurusS

    HostasaurusS New Member

    Going back to one of the original issues with subdomains that has been a problem since 10 came out, there is no way to create an FTP user that can access the subdomain's httpdocs directory and directories outside of httpdocs (such as cgi-bin).

    At least in 10.2-10.3 you could house the subdomains/cgi-bin under the mail site's vhosts/DOMAIN/subdomains/xyz and the main FTP user of DOMAIN could get to those files, but now with the new vhosts/SUBDOMAIN struction, the main FTP user has no access since they can't go above their home directory. The vhosts/SUBDOMAIN directory is owned by the same main user as DOMAIN, but there is no way to access those files via File Manager or FTP.

    Creating an additional FTP user only allows them access to the httpdocs for that subdomain.

    Also, the subdomains settings contantly changing with every version of Plesk now is a support nightmare, since customers and support staff have to be kept up on where their subdomain files just suddenly disappeared to. Now with the extra subdomains no longer being accessible via FTP, scripts and software that relied on this access are broken after upgrading to 10.4.

    If I've missing some magic way to access vhosts/SUBDOMAIN via FTP or to create an additional FTP user that can access ALL of the directories related to a subdomain, please provide the steps, Parallels!
  12. KhmerM

    KhmerM New Member

    Plesk 10.3 fail loading subdomain page


    I got no error when creating subdomain and pointing it into subfolder /httpdocs/foldername/

    But the php file under that httpdocs/foldername/index.php Is never loading

    What's going on? I see a lot slower loading in this panel than Cpanel ... too much different.
  13. KhmerM

    KhmerM New Member

    direct access ok, but subdomain access fail

    more detail ..... if I access It doesn't work
    But if I access direct URL as it loading fine.

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