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Discussion in 'Parallels Pro for Linux' started by rodo, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. rodo

    rodo New Member

    Anyone knows if there's a way to tell the script that performs the backups to ignore some files or folders for a given site.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Penguin-uk

    Penguin-uk Kilo Poster

    Unfortunately the built in backup tool does not have this facility
  3. SeanieR

    SeanieR New Member


    would this be an ideal opportunity for someone to put together a quick utility that will make a gzip file of each site to a certain location that we could schedule in cron?

    a config file that we could specify the locations we want included and only those are added.
    I think all that would be needed per site (for me anyway) are :

    That might save a few gigs storage for each server, not backing up unnecessary files.
    Could use sftp to remotey store them even...

    i'd donate a few quid if someone wrote something half decent...

    if there are any volunteers, maybe we could get a spec together by some suggestions here.. keeping it simple.

  4. cepheid

    cepheid Kilo Poster

    I've already got exactly such a utility, Seanie. I'd be happy to post it here... especially if you want to donate some quid. ;)

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