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Discussion in 'Parallels Pro for Linux' started by DrWho17, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. DrWho17

    DrWho17 New Member

    I'm getting an error message in the Management GUI about not being able to reach the Ensim license server, is there some issue I need to address?
  2. OsmanA

    OsmanA New Member

    License Server Unreachable

    I am also getting the same error. The Parallels License Server down?
  3. DeepM

    DeepM New Member

    Yes, time to time get same problem too.
  4. Penguin-uk

    Penguin-uk Kilo Poster

    It's been going on for years as I don;t think there is any redundancy for it. Your installation will be able to contact it again after a while once it comes back up again. Probably the cleaner using the plug for the hoover, lol
  5. poehosting

    poehosting New Member

    We're seeing this as well. Started yesterday 2011-08-22 at 12pm est.
  6. SinuP

    SinuP New Member

    The Ensim Pro for Linux 10.3.5-rhel.5ES.9 installation on the server X.X.X.X was unable to contact the Ensim License Server for the periodic call-home operation. This is the second attempt. The product will be disabled if the fourth attempt for the call-home operation fails.

    Details of the installation are as follows:

    Server name: X.X.X.X
    Server IP: X.X.X.X
    Server MAC address: X.X.X.X
    Date of registration: 05/02/2010 18:33:41
    Last failed call-home on: 02/12/2011 21:00:03

    We are gettign this message since 01/1/2011 - Is anyone else facing same problem ?
  7. cristianm

    cristianm New Member

    Same issue here. Parallels please fix this.
  8. Eric Sauvageau

    Eric Sauvageau New Member

    It's finally back online now. You can manually do a "Renew licence" from the control panel to force an immediate connection to their ELM server.

    By checking with netstats during that last outage I managed to track down the hostname of their license management server. Makes it easier for me to ensure that the problem is on their end and not mine since it also hosts an actual webpage...

    Still, I must say I'm a bit scared by the fact Parallels Pro needs to periodically call home, considering the level of (non) support Parallels are giving this product. I would hope that if they ever release that last promised update that they would disable this callback feature if they have no intention of providing any future support. I'd hate to see my server taken out of commission 1-2 years from now if they were to pull the plug - that license isn't mine but belongs to my hosting provider. Migrating would be a major headache...

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