Expand and Plesk 10.

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.3 General Discussion' started by John Kiniston, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. John Kiniston

    John Kiniston New Member

    Will my Expand install continue to work with my servers if I upgrade to Plesk 10?

    I dont see any mention of Expand support being dropped in the What's New document but I dont see any mention of expand elsewhere in the documentation either.
  2. IgorG

    IgorG Parallels Team

    Plesk 10 is not compatible with current version of Expand.
  3. markytx

    markytx New Member

    Plesk 10

    Oh that's just marvellous, since I upgraded a server to Plesk 10 today. Thanks for the warning.

    I pay SUS every year. When can I expect a fix? This week would be nice since you've now broken my PBAS/Expand system.
  4. httpdg

    httpdg New Member

    yes, that's pain..... but I hope Plesk 10 will be supported in future.
  5. europeanis

    europeanis New Member

    This is indeed very frustrating.

    I am not sure Plesk 10 will support Expand in any further release... I have a doubt about that.

    But does anyone at // has an idea when this will be solved and/or when there will be a tool or another version of Expand in order to restore the functionalities of Expand prior Plesk 10 version?

    I am not sure if we will have a reply but I just give it a try.
  6. sergius

    sergius New Member

    Hello, Gents. Parallels is definitely going to provide Multi-Server solution to substitute Plesk Expand next year. Please keep eye on Parallels Announcements.
  7. CryoGenID

    CryoGenID New Member


    any updates on this already?

    As Plesk 8.x is now EOL and we can't even buy licenses for it any more, it would be ABOUT TIME to give us some information about the roadmap and the planned timetable (and features)...

    Thanks and best regards,

  8. AlexWV

    AlexWV New Member


    Was really thinking this would be possible to use anytime soon. We switched from IspCP -> Plesk several months ago, relying heavily on the "late 2011" and Q1 2012 was reality from a serious company. What is going on? Will this ever be released?

    I'm feeling we're paying for a half-ass product. While I do understand that things take time to develop, why brand Plesk 10 as complete without multi-server capabilities? We're fine and dandy with WHMCS and our current setup, and don't need all the functions from Parallels Automation.

    I urge you Parallels, can you give an ETA on Expand for Plesk 10?

    I quote a message from you in 2010(!):
    "Plesk 8.6 is the latest Plesk version supported by Plesk Expand so far. Plesk 9 support should come soon. Plesk 10 is too much different, so instead of Expand we are seeking for native multiserver support in Plesk."

    Are you or are you not? Please provide a worthy answer. Hope we don't have to look to another solution to fit our needs.
  9. Vlad Timofeev

    Vlad Timofeev New Member

    We want to upgrade our plesk servers to 10.4.4 (or may be to Plesk 11 in future). Is there any update about expand for Plesk 10 and 11 servers?
  10. Ronan@

    Ronan@ New Member

    Parallels are currently working on a new product called PPA (Parallels Plesk automation) that is set to replace expand. It's currently in beta and V1 is expected sometime in the next couple of months.

    I understand your frustration as we also have many servers that are stuck on Plesk 9.5.4 that we would really like to upgrade. Hopefully PPA will resolve this issue once and for all.
  11. markytx

    markytx New Member

    In Dec 2010 my sales guy (before he just outright started making stuff up) told me the replacement product would be available in Q2 2011. Here we are a year later and the news is "hopefully" "in the next couple of months". Do I need to say anything further?

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