How do I restrict domain owner from File Manager, SSL Certificate, Web Presence Build

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  1. Christopher McBride

    Christopher McBride Bit Poster


    I've upgraded to Plesk 10.3 from 9.5 and everything's running smoothly.

    I have an issue with email users being able to change their password from the control panel.

    In 9.5, all email users simply logged in with their email address and password to edit their settings (password, autoresponder...).

    Question 1
    In 10.3, some mail accounts do not have associated "user" accounts with "mail user" permissions - Is there a way to add the missing ones automatically?

    Question 2
    By the looks of it, a domain "owner" with an email address in the system cannot be a "mail user" and automatically get alot of permissions that are not suitable.

    Can a domain "owner" account be restricted to remove access to "File Manager", "Web Hosting Settings", "Databases"...

  2. DonSTN

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    Any one know the answer to this question? I'm assuming it is in the Service Plan but I'm not getting it to work myself.

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