how to set cpuunit cpulimit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ThanaponS, Oct 14, 2009.

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    I'm a newbies for the virtuozzo product. I have some question.

    If I have intel xeon RAM 32 GB HDD 2 TB and want to set 20 container. How should I configure cpuunit and cpulimit perfectly?
  2. ithomas

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    This is a very broad question that I think deserves an it depends on what you are doing sort of answer. VZ version 4.5 has more granular CPU control than 4.0, so version makes a difference as well. I always err on the side of allowing too many resources versus too few as I'm very concerned about the end user experience (VDI) and VZ gives back resources it is not using but a container will crawl if it is under-resourced. I made my judgments on VDI based on user feedback, alerts from PIM that indicated users were exceeding quotas. I typically give a VDI 10,000 processor cycles and allow 100 percent utlization; the cycles parameters means the most. The VZWindowsReference guide is your best reference for viewing the parameters and significance based on version that will allow you to tune.

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