1. EdwardDekker

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    Recently do i'll have upgraded MySQL @ CentOS 5.7, but the MySQL client does not upgrade automatic.

    How could I upgrade my MySQL Client to version number 18 when i have MySQL Client 15 without creating a internal server error for Plesk and other databases.

    Any assistance would be fine.
  2. paulieG

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    Using the MySQL from the Centos repos shouldn't require or need any upgrade to mysqlclient, its only if you're using a PHP later than the Centos repos that you'd need this or have your system trying to tell you you need it.

    Which versions of PHP and MySQL are you using and where are you getting them from? It may be best to ask this question in the forums for that repo if its a third-party repo.

  3. EdwardDekker

    EdwardDekker New Member

    PHP & MySQL are installed from the Atomic Repository

    I am able to install of mysqlclient16 by this command:
    $ wget http://www6.atomicorp.com/channels/atomic/centos/5/i386/RPMS/mysqlclient16-5.1.59-1.el5.art.i386.rpm
    $ rpm -Uvh mysqlclient16-5.1.59-1.el5.art.i386.rpm

    Version 18 will not be available to install, i have this error:
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