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  1. jemolol

    jemolol New Member


    I am new with plesk.

    Plesk run on Linux 12.4 64 on a dedicated server. All work is fine.

    Now, in my space hosting (administrator space without "buy plan"), i try to use Plesk Button to install application.

    I choose "Wordpress" to install in httpdocs/

    All if fine. Install completed.

    Now, when i try to connect on "admin interface of wordpress" (with the button access administration), i can see the login page of wordpress.

    But 2 errors occurred:

    But when i try to login (with good parameter that i just create on plesk panel), i have a reload page on the same "login page". As the username and password don't "entered"/take in the system.... So i am blocked on this page.

    Too, the wordpress page on my domain (installed in "httpdocs/") is a "can't access to this address"...

    I search the reasons of this errors without success. Perhaps somebody can help me to understand why this don't work.

    thanks in advance for reply

    (excuse bad english, i am french lol)
  2. abdi

    abdi Product Expert

    If while installing wordpress you defined "httpdocs" as part of the path, then indeed it's a wrong path ...
  3. jemolol

    jemolol New Member


    thanks for reply.

    no, i have erase the row just after domain. (e.g.. domain/)

    So it must be directly installed in httpdocs/ folder. It is the case because on my FTP client i can see all files just installed.

    Of course i can (i don't do yet) install Wordpress manually using FTP and access install page in browsner. But in fact, as i want to sell hosting to customer, i want that the "automatly install system" in Plesk run well.

    If i can't resolve this, i am sure that customer ask me, (and ask me more and more....) that the automate install works but can't access to admin interface or web page... i think it isn't difficult to understand this. Customer always want all perfect...

    When i create my "space" for installing website, i can see in browsner the default plesk page. So i don't think that is a dns problem or anything else in relation with it.

    I think that the problem is to "communicate" with the server when i attempt to enter in admin interface of Wordpress. It is as the server can't see the "login and password information" sending... i don't know if it is that and i don't know if you understand what i want to explain.... sorry for this...

    Have you any idea that i can try for resolve this ? i really need that work...

    I am alone with this problem ? i don't think because my hold hosting (on another hosting company) have the same problem that i resolve in install manually via FTP... But i can't successfully resolve this, the hosting company too... If i am the customer i can resolve this manually but as i want to sell hosting, i hope sell a perfect hosting solution without error...

    any idea ? i'am asking if it isn't a session problem or ID session or PATH session ? i don't know...
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  4. apostel86

    apostel86 New Member

    Excuse me for my bad English.

    Yes I have the same problem.
    When I install the application on "WordPress" then I get a "redirect loop".
    About the Control Panel, I do come to the login page, but WordPress does not accept without an error message on my data.

    from Germany
  5. rghigliazza

    rghigliazza New Member

    Same exact Problem. Anyone found a way to fix it?
  6. Jay Versluis

    Jay Versluis Bit Poster

    There are two ways to install WordPress via Plesk in this way:

    1.) you choose "Install" - which is a true one-click action, or
    2.) you choose "Install - Custom" - which gives you options (see below)

    Both options have advantages.

    If you choose the first option, Plesk will install WordPress in The files for this install will live in /var/www/vhosts/ (on RedHat and CentOS). Plesk will also create a user in WordPress called "admin" with a password only known to Plesk. The idea is that you can then use the "Administrative Interface" button in Plesk which will then take you straight to your WordPress admin interface.

    You can login to your WordPress installation at using your Plesk credentials (admin and your Plesk password).

    There is a second option which allows you to define several aspects of your installation:
    You can specify a path for your WordPress installation - which will always be inside /httpdocs (otherwise it wouldn't be accessible from the web). You can choose nothing in which case Plesk will install WordPress inside your web root directory. Your website will be accessible at The files will live in /var/www/vhosts/, together with any files that were there before.

    During this second option you can also specify credentials for your WordPress admin user, site title and database. You will be able to create admin credentials that will let you login to WordPress at - or if you've defined a subdirectory during the installation - it'll be

    As for the redirect problems - that's a tricky one. This can be caused if you've fiddled with the WordPress database (I assume you have not...), or by browser cache problems - especially if the website was hosted elsewhere before or had different content before. Try clearing the browser cache, or even a different browser. Also check the .htaccess file in the WordPress directory - remove it if one is present, then rebuild it from WordPress for Permalinks (under Settings - Permalinks, just hit save at the bottom).

    Let me know if this makes sense.
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  7. Jay Versluis

    Jay Versluis Bit Poster

    Inspired by this thread, I've decided to put a quick screencast together and demonstrate both options:

  8. femotvaff

    femotvaff Bit Poster

    Same problems
    Every time hours and hours spent on PLesk for these such stupid things...

    I have installed Wordpress several times ... in previous installation I could access with admin(plesk) user
    Now I tried everything, but if I set to use the admin user it not works.
    If I choose to use a dedicated user (from custom installation) NOTHING!

    Everytime reload the login page.
    and if I try to access to blog... loop

    I already checked is not installed on https, already reinstalled 3 times, already create application user, already enable admin to manage wordpress.....NOTHING

    If someone have any idea Thank you! :(:(:(:(
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  9. femotvaff

    femotvaff Bit Poster

    PLESK WORDPRESS impossible to login - LOOP


    the problem was the loop...
    to avoid the loop you have to set your default domain without "www" in plesk
    becouse the installation...set the domanin without he "www" at this point you can log in and set doman name with www. ....
    than came back to hosting setting and set defoult domain www again.

    all solved

    PARALLEL mans please fix this issue!!!!!!! we cannot spend hours in this things
  10. femotvaff

    femotvaff Bit Poster


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