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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Steve Couch, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Steve Couch

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    I recently bought a new server to replace an old server that I am currently running Virtuozzo for Windows on. I have several live cells on this server which cannot be brought down for any length of time. Can I use the same license on the new server that I currently have on the old one or will that bring down the old one? If it will bring down the old one, what can I do to set up the new server without bringing down the cells for any length of time? Thanks!
  2. TonyR

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    From what I have seen, there are two options:
    - request a temporary license; these are changed on a monthly basis and will expire at the end of the month (i.e. - received now, it will expire Sept 30); install the new box with the temp license, migrate as necessary, bring down the old box, then install the correct license on the new box;
    - use your same license; this will not bring the old box down... the only downside of having the license on two boxes seems to be that you cannot join the boxes to the same PIM console (and the fact that you are outside of your license agreement... but it is probably overlookable as long as you do take the old box out of commission when you are finished migrating)... So the only thing some people may find as a negative is that you have to migrate via command line, since you can't have the boxes in PIM together... personally, I'd trust command line over PIM anyways :)
  3. ithomas

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    You may wish to check with a Parallels rep to be sure on this one, as there are two types of licenses out there; one for hosting providers and one for enterprise users. Hosting providers have some sort of procedure they have to go through to transfer the license as it gets keyed to the hardware the license is running on and they have to request a key transfer.

    When I have done this as an enterprise user, my observation is that a license can run simultaneously on a new server and the old server provided they are not in the same infrastructure. If they were joined in the same infrastructure, you would see a license collision and it would begin a 14 hour timer to rectify that before the containers would shut down. You can use the vzmigrate tool to move containers from old to new even if they are not in the same infrastructure.

    I'm not an authority on licensing, mind you, so if you want to be absolutely sure, please check with a Parallels rep or support-- I have been able to do this with 100 percent success before, and my rep told me that the license transfer website is needed only by hosting providers, that I didn't need it.

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