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Discussion in 'Parallels Server 3.0 Public Beta' started by nellyfromma, May 7, 2008.

  1. nellyfromma

    nellyfromma New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am just joining the Parallels Server bandwagon, however I have plenty of experience with Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    Is there an anticipated estimate of when Parallels Server may officially become released? Also, is there a price set on licensing? I haven't been able to pin down this info.

    Also, one last thing. Can Parellels Desktop run Windows Server, i.e. Windows Server 2003? My company is looking to purchase a new server and we have a highly under utilized Xserve that I am interested in running Windows Server 2003 and I would like to suggest Parellels Server but I need some more information before I can go ahead and do so. The appeal of a low licence fee coupled with leveraging hardware we already have make this the obvious choice but if there is no idea of a release date or it is too far off, we may have to look at alternatives... NO!!!

    I enjoyed my use of Parellels Desktop and would like to extend that experience to the Software Developers here at our new company by exposing them to this excellent software and don't want to miss this oppurtunity.

  2. sandro

    sandro Parallels Team


    Unfortunately can't to provide you with this info here. Can just say that release expecting in nearest time during a month or a bit more.

    Yes of course - currently our product can startup all Windows server family beginning from W2k server and ending with Windows Server 2008.

    with best regards,
  3. nellyfromma

    nellyfromma New Member

    New to Parellels Server

    Thank you very much!
  4. Relan

    Relan Parallels Team


    Note that Parallels Server license will be much more expensive than Parallels Desktop license.
  5. nellyfromma

    nellyfromma New Member


    Yeah, I made a call to Parallels and after getting bounced around to the right dept. I was kind of told that it would be somewher ein the ordinace of perhaps 1000. Luckily, the Desktop software seems to be running 2003 Server just fine for our purposes so after some stress and reliability tests we will probably just go with that.

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