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    my english is not so good, so I hope you understand me.

    I am interested in using Parallels Business Automation Standard. At the moment I have the free Testversion.

    In the Shop I have the default categories:
    -Dedicated Server
    -Virtuozzo Dedicated Node
    -Plesk Dedicated Node
    -Plesk Domain
    -Plesk Client
    -Virtual Machine
    -and One-time Fee Item

    How can I create own categories and sub categories?

    Kind regards
  2. Alex Goncharov

    Alex Goncharov Parallels Team

    Hosting Plans Categories

    Hosting Plans Categories

    Hosting Plan Categories are the groups of Hosting Plans of one or the same purpose (for example, Shared Webhosting, Corporate Hosting and Mail, etc.). For the initial Parallels Business Automation - Standard configuration you can create several Hosting Plans Categories and in future group actual Hosting Plans by these categories.

    To create Hosting Plan Categories (or, add a new one), go to the Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans. Select the Hosting Plan Categories tab and click the New Hosting Plan Category button.

    Type the name of new Hosting Plan Category into the Title field.

    In future, use buttons Add and Remove to add or remove (in case of mistake) the Hosting Plan(s) to (from) a Category. Click the Save button to add new Hosting Plan Category.

    Particular Hosting Plans may be added to certain Hosting Plan Category during creation of the new Hosting Plan or by selecting a category from the common list.

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