Parallels Plesk is really a virus?

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    open letter to parallels

    "Parallels is really a virus?"

    I am a customer of 1and1 and my server is contracted with plesk dedicated type: Parallels Small Business Panel.

    Small Busines Panel Parallels announced as the solution of control and server management.

    The problems faced by the dedicated server are problems that are not generated directly from the Centos operating system.

    The problems faced by the dedicated server are not problems caused by my misuse.

    The problems faced by the dedicated server are running the Parallels interference Small Business Panel.

    My provider, 1and1 does not give me support and telling me I'm a user of Parallels and tell them to meet me as a customer of a 1and1 host your panel.

    That I did, and nothing has happened.

    I have pretty days waiting for a response from Parallels and has not produced any solution, or even a direction to solve the problem.

    In addition the Small Business Panel information is not complete, is sparse and short on reality incomplete and deficient.

    To find out how to do things, there are some forums that seem to solve, or lines of business based on making money rather than to support existing customers, not to mention the problems generated by Plesk panel.

    In addition to generating the problem with the panel parallels and generate the problem of lack of documentation, and announced a panel capabilities for an enterprise solution ...

    Beyond this, the solution I have found in hiring the Technical Services of the same that created the program that generates the problem. The closed model of non-technical documentation, to which we are forced to go by not having access to the documentation of the solutions generated by Plesk.

    Does that is not conceptually a new type of virus?

    My operating system is kidnapped by the plesk panel?

    That is not what is advertised as a web server manager.

    When I hired the server, I engaged with Plesk, Centos, and operation of the machine with the bandwidth. Only support at 1and1 physical failure, but I refer to Parallels software.
    And Parallels supports me if I am paying for it. Since I go to them because their product creates problems. Inconsistent, and gives a bad reputation.

    I feel cheated.

    I come from another server manager VHS / cPanel, which had a service which was always well attended. And the manager's interference, they were always well documented, well people have always tended to use, or indicate where was the documentation: documentation existed and solutions ... and persons attending.

    In all this, plus English is a communication problem, I use the translator of google for this text. Translation error is predictable so I add the text in Castilian.


    PS: Damn the day I switched to 1and1 with Parallels panel ...

    ---in spanish---
    carta abierta para parallels

    "¿ parallels es realmente un virus ?"

    soy cliente de 1and1 y mi servidor contratado es del tipo dedicado con plesk: Parallels Small Business Panel.

    Parallels anuncia Small Busines Panel como la solución de control y gestión del servidor.

    Los problemas que tiene el servidor dedicado son problemas que no son generados directamente desde el sistema operativo Centos.

    Los problemas que tiene el servidor dedicado no son problemas generados por mi mal uso.

    Los problemas que tiene el servidor dedicado son interferencias del funcionamiento del Parallels Small Business Panel.

    Mi proveedor, 1and1 no me da soporte y me dice que yo soy usuario de Parallels y que lo diga a ellos para que me atiendan como cliente de un host de 1and1 con su panel.

    Eso he hecho, y nada ha ocurrido.

    LLevo bastantes días esperando una respuesta desde Parallels y no se ha producido ninguna solución, ni tan siquiera una orientación a solucionar el problema.

    Además la información de Small Business Panel no está completa, es escasa y corta en la realidad: incompleta y deficiente.

    Para descubrir cómo hacer las cosas, existen unos foros que parecen no solucionar, o unas líneas de negocio basado en ganar dinero antes que dar soporte al cliente que ya existe, sin olvidar los problemas que genera el panel de parallels plesk.

    Además de generar el problema con el panel parallels, además de generar el problema de falta de documentación, además de anunciar un panel con capacidades de solución para una empresa...

    Además de todo ello, la solución que me queda se encuentra en contratar los servicos técnicos de los mismos que han creado el programa que genera el problema. El modelo técnico cerrado de falta de documentación, al que no queda más remedio acudir por no tener acceso a la documentación de las soluciones GENERADAS por parallels plesk.

    ¿ acaso eso no es conceptualmente un nuevo tipo de virus ?

    ¿ Mi sistema operativo está secuestrado por el panel plesk ?

    Eso no es lo que se anuncia como gestor de servidor web.

    Cuando contraté el servidor, lo contraté con Plesk, Centos, y el funcionamiento de la máquina con el ancho de banda. Solo dan soporte en 1and1 de fallos físicos, pero de software me remiten a Parallels.
    Y Parallels, me ofrece soporte si vuelvo a pagar por ello. Siendo que acudo a ellos, porque su producto genera problemas. Incoherente, y da muy mala fama.

    Me siento estafado.

    Yo provengo de otro gestor de servidor VHS/cPanel, en el que disponía de un servicio de atención en el que siempre fui bien atendido. Y las interferencias del gestor, siempre estaban bien documentadas, además de disponer de personas que siempre atendían su uso, o indicar dónde estaba la documentación: existía documentación y soluciones... y personas que atendían.

    A todo esto, además el inglés es un problema de comunicación, yo uso el translator de google para hacer este texto. Es previsible errores de traducción por lo que añado el texto en castellano.


    P.D.: Maldito día en que me pasé a 1and1 con su panel de Parallels...
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    If I correctly understood you have submitted ticket to Parallels Support Team and have not received any response? Right?
    Did you try to escalate it as it is described in ?
    Could you please provide me ticket ID and I will check it?
  3. eldominioe

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    the problen is explained here:
    without reply, no solution.

    and the ticket is

    But I will turn from "parallels small busines panel big problem " to "parallels control panel 10" now.
    And then all problem virus plesk are superated, I wish...
  4. IgorG

    IgorG Parallels Team

    As I see it is not regular support ticket but ptn feedback. If you need real support I suggest you create ticket in Parallels Plesk Panel queue here -
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    Parallels Small Business Panel Big Problem

    the order of the inconvenient

    1º pardon my bad english. sorry. This is not parallels generated.
    2º the problem, the first problem come from the panel small business, it generate a problem in the machine. This is a problem from Parallels.
    3º the solution, is not documentated ! this is a problem from Parallels.
    4º Of all help that I see, is the forum SB from parallels, to write the problem. None respose. You can see, I write the link in the previus message. I don´t know if it is a problem from Parallels.
    5º When I seach documentation to solucionate the problem, I find a button tell solution from parallels, and I press the button to ask help. You can see that button, You can see that the problem is not from me, the solution come when I pay to get solution from parallels ! problem is marked in the "number 2"

    I had writed the text that you can see, thanks for reply, but I think that the problem is in parallels, first in... 2, 3,...

    6º now as solution, I go to change my Parallels Small Business Panel Big Problem to Parallels Plesk Panel 10.
    7º to do the change from a panel to other panel, I must erase all info in the server, and this is not a good thing, I think.

    But, You must know that others day ( 8 or 9 ) some screen show the Small Business but in a moment I was working in other panel version from parallels (I screen record from this) and was return in the small busines panel.
    Later I was working in others new account. When I turn to accoun modificated before, all problem happen...

    Sincerely, I think that problem is not a running well. It is other problem (before to this one to change the mx to google) that break some email account into the server, and then the only solution was must format the disk and reinstall the centos 64 and reinstall parallels small bussines big problem panel !

    Note, I not tell a comparative message cPanel / Plesk. I am telling my experience with Parallels.
    I hope You understand me, over the language problem, sorry.
    I go to ticket now, but understand that the problem is the Small Business Panel.
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    Parallels bad and getting worse!

    Hi Igor,
    Thanks for your interest.

    I created a ticket as you indicated me.
    .ticket #1085590.
    Watch for the answer I returned as Parallels solution, I think it surprised a lot.

    I have paid a license included in the price of the server through 1and1, my server, and thus is why the panel use Parallels as original software.

    These things make Parallels flee as a user and a client, and I think you should know very well that anyone who is interested in the Panel, know that what they sell, not what you buy.

    Really believe that what we are doing, is it right with a customer who paid for their original software?

    Honestly, it is unacceptable behavior Parallels.

    If I'm not going to notice any difference between the original software and one without a license, why should I pay for anything?

    Damn day when I switched to Parallels!

    Parallels will have been aware "that lives with the money we pay customers for your product? someone should tell them ... to review ...

    Parallels bad and getting worse!

    Thanks Igor, a customer lost money through Parallels.

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