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Discussion in 'Parallels Pro for Linux' started by jcgalvez, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Seems like Parallels Pro Linux (formerly ensim) the best product I've worked on has been taken off the shelf.

    This is a really sad move since it was the most stable product I've worked on.

    None of my current customers is willing to use PLESK or the other solutions since they simply do not work with SENDMAIL and for other reasons and for all this years they have been really loyal to us and to the Parallels pro control panel.

    Maybe this desition is due to the all the complains for the lack of development and because it's not posible to stay at the most current version of centos (6.2)

    Maybe one salomonic solution would be stop "implementing" any "features" to Parallels Pro, BUT make it "upgradable" or installable into centos 6.2 at customer's responsability.

    I hope parallels reconsider this.

  2. Penguin-uk

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    You can still purchase it via partners ;) I really don't think you'll ever see CentOS v6 support - it's far too much work for them. They aren't addressing the issues with the current version, let alone the dev time needed for an OS change.
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    i thought they had bought "Ensim" to harvest its user base, enouraging people to migration to Plesk and a annual subscription. Now they only have the hard core of Ensim users left, i would like to see them open source it so that the people who really like it will have the possibility of updating it, and continuing to have secure and sensible CP... or perhaps the user base could crowd-source and try and buy it from Parallels and continue as a joint "Ensim" venture. I for one would not mind paying to upgrade... or we could collectivly pay to get the work done to bring it up to date. I am not sure what the EOL of Centos 5x is, but at that point it will become increasingly hard to support PP/Emsim. I for one will not be migrating to plesk as i could not consider working with a company with so little interest in its customers. When the time comes, I will search for an alternative solution.

    All that being said, i was pretty happy with the recent work done, just wish it had gone as far as dovecote (seive etc), which would have been the real plus...
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