Plask 10.0.1 install Small Business Panel 10.2.0

Discussion in 'Parallels Small Business Panel' started by RafalC, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. RafalC

    RafalC New Member

    I have installed a flat 10.0.1. Unfortunately, I wanted to install Small Business Panel. Unfortunately, an error occurred during installation. A flat panel stopped working. Displays a white page.
    ===> Checking for previous installation ... found.
    SMB db will be created later
    db will be updated later
    default install license key ... not needed, license from 9.x found

    Trying to start a dog ...
    Stopping a dog ... done
    Stopping mail handlers tmpfs storage
    Starting a dog ... done
    Starting xinetd service ... done
    Starting bind9 service ... done
    Starting mysql service ... done
    Starting postgresql service ... Not install ed
    Starting a dog-spamassassin service ... done
    Plesk: Starting Mail Server ... already started
    Starting mail handlers tmpfs storage
    Starting a dog ... done
    Starting drwebd service ... failed
  2. IgorG

    IgorG Parallels Team

    Not sure that it is good idea to install SMB and Plesk on the same server.

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