plesk fails to start: how to get all domains configs?

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  1. JoaquimP

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    One month ago, my plesk control panel suddently stopped to launch. I don't know exactly why. It seems that it was the result of a failed upgrade. My plesk version is 9.3.0 on a ubuntu server.
    All services works fine (mail, http, ftp, mysql, ...) except webmail and control panel.

    I've already tried a lot of suggestions i've seen on this forum without success so i've resolved to stop trying to solve the problem and move all the domains (i've got only a few domains on that server) to another server with plesk.

    My problem is that i'd like to export all the domains configs (mailboxes accounts, subdomains definitions, cron) so i don't forget anything but i don't know how. The plesk backup utility don't work (i don't know either if it was installed).

    I don't need all the sites contents (files and mysql db): i can transfer this manually. Just the domains config.

    Also, is there a way to also move unread emails from old server to the new one?

  2. breun

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    Nothing in Plesk's error_log in /var/log/sw-cp-server on why it won't start?

    I don't believe there is a supported way of exporting and importing domain setups including mail accounts, cronjobs, etc. in Plesk except for Plesk Migration Manager.

    You can run the autoinstaller (I don't know its location on Ubuntu, but it's $PRODUCT_ROOT_D/admin/bin/autoinstaller in general, run 'grep PRODUCT_ROOT_D /etc/psa/psa.conf' to find where Plesk is installed on your server) to see if certain components are installed or not and you can also use it to add components.

    You might need to manually recreate the domains on the new server if the Plesk Migration Manager can't help you out. You said you only have a few domains, so that might be the easiest way anyway.

    E-mails are stored in $QMAIL_ROOT_D/mailnames/<domain>/<username>. You can just copy the contents once the mailboxes have been created on the new server.

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