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Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.2 for Windows' started by DF2010, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. DF2010

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    I have Sitebuilder as part of my web site.

    Its very useful to be able to edit and add stuff to my web site from any PC but really the product is like something 10 years old.

    Im wondering if there is any solution to the following.

    1 - To be able to upload files bigger that 200kb.
    2 - the limit of 2 layers down on sub pages.
    3 - The layout of the main page templates. ( I want to add columns left and right to the boundary of the page)
    4 - Ability to edit the template is poor.

    Is there an upgraded package (online) that I can use or subscribe to that better suits my editing needs.

    I have seen the above topics in this forum but with replies of pending changes but these comments are 2-3 years old.

    Is this a dead product given out as a freebie to web hosters or is it still in development.


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