RDP to any Virtuozzo Container is slow or doesn't work

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    Greetings, fellow users!
    We have Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 (updated to 460032) and Management Console 4.0 installed on our host Windows Server 2003 SP2 Standard x64 system. Windows are not often updated because we were not experiencing any stability or performance issues until a couple of weeks ago.

    The problem is as follows:

    Short version: either we can log on to our containers by RDP and have poor performance with often dropouts because of a bug, or we can have great performance by fixing a bug, but are then unable to log on to containers.

    Here is the long version:
    As we created new containers to which our users connect, the containers started to slow down noticeably. We aren't lacking hardware resources on our host, so we ran diagnostics (Process Explorer and a few others) and we've noticed rather large spikes of internal I/O data traffic (which we haven't been monitoring before), going over a 100 GBytes and almost constantly being over a few GBytes, although to a somewhat lesser extent when the containers are idle or down, or when no users are connected to the containers (up to a couple of dozens of GBytes).

    Upon research, we've found a solution for that - Microsoft's hotfix, described in KB956438 deals with a bug in file TERMDD.SYS that supposedly (info from various forums) causes this problem as well as some others.
    After installing it and restarting the machine, the system was running fast again and monitoring showed normal I/O data traffic, never going over 1 GB with the containers running, BUT then Remote Desktop Connection to containers was not possible anymore.
    After removing the hotfix and restarting the host again, RDC to containers is possible and works as expected, but the bug that causes the mentioned problems has, of course, returned.

    The hotfix is consisted only of that file, we've even tried manually shoving the file to system32\drivers just to be sure there's nothing else in the hotfix causing trouble, but (after rebooting) issues remain the same.
    Also, fully updating Windows (up to today) didn't make it worse, but it didn't do any good either.

    Has anyone had a similar (or the exact same) problem?
    If so, has anyone found a solution for it?
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    I had similar symptoms after I disabled the session limit (normally 3) to get rid of the useless resource alerts. Setting it back to 3 fixed the issue.



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