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    Hi there,

    we are currently in the process of a complete hardware swap. We got several blades running Virtuozzo - and all of them should be moved to new blades / SAN (with latest Virtuozzo)
    Right now the new Hardware is in our office - and before we bring it up into our DC we want to pre-sync as much data as possible. Normally we would use vzmigrate to get the CTs and needed EZ Templates onto the new Servers - and when doing the hardware swap we would do the final migration.
    But the problem is that vzmigrate shuts down the "old" VZ after the migration is finished ... this is what makes me some headache ... as the servers are all live and this should only be a pre-sync so that the final migration won't take ages ...

    Is there any possibility to make a "soft migrate" where the origin Server won't shut down after the migration?
    (guess rsync won't do because we are also upgrading to the latest Virtuozzo Version ... so a migration is suggested)

    Thank you, bye
  2. Faris Raouf

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    I'm sure this WON'T work, but worth a try anyway?

    Synch ez-templates between nodes.

    Backup the CT on Node A.

    Restore on Node B (without starting, and ichanging ctid if need be).

    Then rename the "restored" private area on Node B to be ctid-of-ct-when-on-Node-A.migrated

    The idea is to fool VZ into thinking we've previously migrated between the Nodes (with no-remove), and that it can can use the contents of the .migrated area as a base to start rsynch.

    All this *might* work if VZ just looks to see what it can find in /vz/private when it comes to what CTs it has on that node. If it needs to keep something in a DB somewhere then things may be harder.

    I agree that VZ5 should have "presync" feature. It would be extremely useful!

    p.s. alternative would be to clone ct on node A, migrate to node B. Shutdown ct, change private area to ct-on-node-a.migrated

    Not sure if this would work either, of course.

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